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The effects of an arrest and criminal charges can have long-lasting, expensive consequences on a
person’s life. Learn valuable information from a defense attorney in Austin.

We All Make Mistakes, And We All Deserve A Second Chance.

When someone faces an arrest and criminal charges, it can impact their life well into the future. Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference in the type of sentence they ultimately receive. This is why seeking counsel from an experienced, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney, who also has a reputation as a criminal trial attorney, is vital to the outcome of your case.

While we acknowledge the integrity of police officers, this doesn’t mean we agree with all of their assessments and decisions. If a police officer makes an arrest, it could be because they have good reason to believe that a crime has been committed (probable cause), or there is evidence of an offense that exists beyond a reasonable doubt. On the other hand, the arrest could have more to do with the officer’s perception of the need to reduce a potential risk. However, being arrested because there is probable cause does not mean that there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed. There is a difference between whether an arrest was the result of probable cause or the result of the police officer’s perception that it was reasonable to make the arrest to reduce a potential risk.

Experienced Former Prosecutor - Hiring A Former Prosecutor Who Has Many Years Of Experience Prosecuting Cases Such As Yours Is Just Good Common Sense.

From 2002-2017 I was employed as an Assistant District Attorney in Cameron, Hays, and Travis Counties representing the State of Texas. I also held positions as the Chief Misdemeanor Prosecutor and Lead Felony Prosecutor, which gave me years of extensive experience. In addition to handling Violent Crimes, I was responsible for handling Drug Cases, Assault Cases, and DWI’s. I also prosecuted White Collar Fraud, Corruption, and Public Officials for many years when I was assigned to the Public Integrity Unit. For seven years, I worked as the only prosecutor at the Austin Police Department advising APD Officers on Top Offenders, Special Problems, and how to make stronger cases for successful prosecutions. As a result of working as the Felony Prosecutor responsible for handling all cases assigned to both the Mental Health and Veterans Court Dockets, I understand how mental illness can contribute to causing a crime and the resulting punishment. If you seek assistance with the best possible outcome of your case, my comprehensive experience and established reputation in the legal community will help you attain that end.

Second Chance – Since I have prosecuted and now defend cases such as yours, I know how to fight for you to get the resolution you are looking for, as everyone deserves a second chance.

See How You Can Find The Right Criminal Defense Attorney For A Better Future

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